Friday, December 4, 2009

"woman and lovers and paintings - oh my!"

Ok, I do not know why the "Wizard of Oz" phrase, Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" came into my head when I was typing in the title, but it did!

Still have these paintings hanging around and I continue to work on them gradually. The attention to how I paint them has been more deliberate than any other painting I have worked on this year. I uploaded a couple photos here just to see the progression. I actually would like to photograph some future paintings a little more detailed just to see the changes in approach, subject content, design and execution. I surprise myself most of the time and it would be a good learning experience too.

The first piece, working title -woman, has been on the blog, but a little more work was been done recently. I know it is difficult to pull all the detail from the lower quality iPhone pics, but it is still pretty cool.

Next is "momentary lapse". It has been a while since I put a brush to this painting, even though it is on my mind quite a bit. Possibly a little bit too much of creative fear holding me back. Like I could actually ruin something I created in the first place. I need to remind myself it is still the adventure, not the final outcome, because my perspective will continue to change every day of my life.
I started this painting (72"x36") in acrylic and just recently, as intended, switched to oils. The colors are much more vibrant and fluid and the painting has started to produce the energy, light and depth I wish it to convey.
Long way to go, so we will see what happens.

Napa - update

Attached is a photo of "Napa" in the home of the family that purchased the painting.
I love to have pictures of work displayed after it has been purchased.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Support the art and gallery

Karen Solem Gallery is having a Holiday Sale for the art that is currently exhibited in her gallery. There are several exceptional paintings on exhibit and I should know since three of them are mine - ha!

This is a great opportunity to purchase an original, inspired piece of art and support a gallery that wishes to continue to support the artist and the community of Elmhurst.

There are all the creative aspects of being an artist, the excitement and nervousness of exhibiting, the emotion and self doubt, the practice, the mess, the fear etc... This is true in all authentic creation just for the sake of creation alone . One of the best responses I have heard concerning the definition of artistic passion was when I asked a classroom of junior high children was this. "It is just when you have to get it out" - that was just beautiful!!!

and there is another side to being an artist (welcome to the dark side - not really is it???)

Seldom do we think of art as a business, at least for we artist, I prefer not to think about it. There is a very important, time consuming aspect of marketing, promoting and selling.

Enter the gallery owner who is as passionate (the good ones only, there are also those who have little or no integrity) about the art, artist and providing for her collectors/customers - art appreciators - an artistic experience into the emotions of the painter and the painting. The show opening is an opportunity for that experience with the artists and a chance to connect with the work. It requires a lot of work, overhead and money to produce those events and I for one wish to see the good gallery owners (Karen Solem) able to continue in this town and prosper too. So go to an opening, have an exceptional time, and if you connect with a piece of art see if you can work it out and take it home with you (hopefully after paying for it).

I know I am rambling as usual...

To the point I wish to acknowledge the passion, work and service Karen provides and to request you to attend this Friday.
Who knows you might have fun too and that is always a good thing.

Chicago Show Holiday Sale
This Friday, Dec 4th 5:30-8:30pm
off all hanging art
Please join us for this special event!!!
karen solem gallery
124 W. Park Ave.
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

Finally, In the spirit of the holidays (which I love) I will extend 25% off my originals and giclee prints that I currently have available. Contact me if you see something from my website, blog or want to rummage around the home studio!
Offer extended through December 31, 2009.

Merry Christmas


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Letting it go - everything!

"The pressure or stress of trying to keep something far out weighs the joy experienced while letting it go."

A thought going around in my head for the last couple of days which can relate to many areas of life - if not all.

On that note I am please to state that I have sold and delivered "Napa" to it's new home where I hope it provides a life time of enjoyment and visual pleasure.
I had been asked if it was difficult in letting it go (as with most all of my paintings) and the answer was really, "not at all". I am so happy and the fact that I firmly believe each painting I move to another space, outside of my home or studio, provides an opening for something completely new to be created.
Just as in life when we begin to let go of things (thoughts, beliefs, knowledge, judgments, etc...) a space is immediately created by the void of that thought and whatever you want can fill that space. So create a new thought and/or in my case I have the opportunity to create a new painting.

I need to create some more space in my studio so I have several of paintings looking for a new view!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Appreciating the art appreciator

A photo that was sent to me from the exhibit in Indiana touched me in a profound way.

The picture of the man viewing my artwork is my grandfather. He attended the opening and it was the first time he has seen my work exhibited in a gallery. As a young child I started most of my artwork in my grandparents living room when we visited them. Some of my most fond memories as a child - that are fresh to this day - happened in their house.
Sleeping in the back room with the tin roof during a rainstorm was music to my ears. Grabbing the coffee can filled with crayons and laying on the living floor to draw. Eating my grandmothers spaghetti and drinking iced tea. The smell of coffee brewing in the percolator when I got up in the morning. All a part of who I am and resonate in my work and very being.
So for me viewing this picture of my grandfather having the opportunity to see my work and the chance for me to share it with both he and my grandmother was very special.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

To everyone that continues to support my artistic passion, the shows, the library exhibit/contest and those who were able to attend the reception last night at Karen Solem Gallery.

Thank you very much.

Your kindness, friendship and contributions mean everything to me.

Due to the overwhelming turnout and show of support I and my painting ("NAPA") was the first place winner at the Elmhurst Public Library exhibit - pretty cool.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Transitions and allowing the painting to dictate

I thought these images or progressions of two recent works - one complete the other still in a state of development - were kind of indicative of the progress of my paintings.

This is becoming this????
The initial painting was not working and I knew it and it received a fine sanding, slight medium wash and it is taking on a new face as we can see in the following pictures.

The most recent painting illustrated in my last blog, and yes it now has a name ("The City Dreams... Hot Chocolate") always had the same design and vision in my head, yet I struggled with the foreground tree for a while. I wish I took pictures of all the progressions of that space on the canvas. It was a make or break the painting issue for me not only from a design stand point, but also in the execution of the painting.
I am happy with the outcome - at least for now.
One picture with the trees removed - limbo - and definitely not a painting yet.
Then the final with the trees (could have been any properly painted subject matter and it would have worked).