Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Special Thank you

Thank you for all of you that pitched in with hard work and dedication to get the Blue Heron Show off to a great start.
The show was terrific, the food was delicious, the service was great and I was very pleased with the attendance.
Hopefully some that expressed interest in a painting or two can work through the details to make it happen.
I wish continued success to the Blue Heron.
Thank you.
Mary Jo.
Mark - Blue River Cafe
... and all those involved and not mentioned.
Take care.

New or renewed passion

I am feeling a flow and energy that has developed into a style or method to my painting now that opens the door for a more simplistic, natural and playful (inspiring) yet with a maturity that is rich with emotion.
Here are a couple new ones that will be photographed professionally later.

Also working continually larger has opened up a new expression (not entirely new, but one that has a greater freedom) to my painting. I find it harder to transition much small at the moment.

Aurora City Hall Exhibit

Another one of the five pictures in the Aurora City Hall building.

I stopped in while I was visiting Aurora today to see the paintings I have exhibited at the City Hall.
I thought there were several beautiful paintings and the staff has the paintings exhibited very professionally. If you are in the area take a tour and enjoy all the incredible art.
You can stop in to Water Street Studios just down the river after and check out a wonderful exhibit and new art gallery/studios. I have Dancing Light and Fall LIght exhibited in their gallery and they are just waiting for someone to take them home to a new wall!!!