Friday, October 30, 2009

Transitions and allowing the painting to dictate

I thought these images or progressions of two recent works - one complete the other still in a state of development - were kind of indicative of the progress of my paintings.

This is becoming this????
The initial painting was not working and I knew it and it received a fine sanding, slight medium wash and it is taking on a new face as we can see in the following pictures.

The most recent painting illustrated in my last blog, and yes it now has a name ("The City Dreams... Hot Chocolate") always had the same design and vision in my head, yet I struggled with the foreground tree for a while. I wish I took pictures of all the progressions of that space on the canvas. It was a make or break the painting issue for me not only from a design stand point, but also in the execution of the painting.
I am happy with the outcome - at least for now.
One picture with the trees removed - limbo - and definitely not a painting yet.
Then the final with the trees (could have been any properly painted subject matter and it would have worked).

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