Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The whole Truth and Nothing but the TRUTH

If it is one thing for sure in the world you can ad this to the Death and Taxes phrase.

"All politicians lie and they lie as to why they lied!"

Thank you for keeping up the status quo Roland!

Next up - Ball players who inject themselves with a foreign substance for three years and they do not know what it did, what it was or if it was illegal????

Free ART

I am going to conduct a survey in the next couple weeks requesting your feedback. 
I will be asking you to select (rate) 2 - 3 paintings out of 12 - 15 choices.
I will use the information to better help me select which 1 -2 paintings I will have reproduced  in Limited Edition prints (GICLEES). I will have all the details set up prior to launch.
What I will have for one lucky respondent is FREE ART - the first signed Giclee/framed.
Stay tuned and I will notify everyone . 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cleaning my way into Louvre

Jumping into action to quiet the conversation "I do not know what to do" which I allow to limit my creativity. My desire for a shift in my current life situation has to tip the balance of my current "stuck" way of being into that of transformation be creation.
It is always frustratingly interesting how I revert to standard behavior-patterns-that keep me in a cycle of non action. Whether it be financial, time, relationships and/or my relationship to all three that triggers the cycle, it begins in complete unconsciousness at the speed of light and attempts to color my view of the world. Awareness is a big part, but knowing makes little difference, sometimes I think I spend too much time in knowing. Might be better to follow the Skynyrd tune in which they sing "I know a little" - then I can live my life from EXPERIENCE.
Well it has all but cut off my creativity, my painting and my forward momentum to share, market my work and secure collectors and galleries that wish to exhibit my paintings. It is that pattern which I desire to let go so my creative energy can assume it's rightful place in my being - that of and beyond my being.

That is what I am intending and doing so it is time to clean the bathrooms, create action and stop the cycle.
Probably did not know you could transform your life just by cleaning the bathrooms did you! FUN.