Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey Carol

 Welcome Carol. 
I just noticed you on the followers list. Pretty cool to be the first and only follower of this BLOG. I better publish it or let people know, maybe it would create an environment of sharing our creativity and open new doors of expression for all of us. 
I hope you, Ed and the family had a great holiday.
Talk to you soon.

... at least I am not just talking to myself again!

New work complete and a life incomplete

I am putting up a few quick captures of the last work I have just completed. I ended up titling it Left Standing I believe more to my feeling of how we have not lived up to our part of the bargain when we inherited this earth. I feel we all have lost site to the nurturing, consciousness and physical care that is required in a mutual relationship. Our relationship with the planet that currently sustains us has been and continues to be that of a one sided affair. We all know how those relationships tend to end up when one or both parties are only functioning from their own ego and perceived needs.
Anyway I felt the trees - also the hills and mountain range - were only left standing after the progress not out of care or responsibility, but only because it was the easiest path.
If we wanted it down (trees, hills or mountains) we humans would justify it and take it down.
The mood in this painting - which is from my creative imagination - is one of majestic beauty in nature and its being and our connection to all of it , but also sadness for all we needlessly and subconsciously destroy of which is a part of us.
Sorry about the flash and lower quality photo, I will have better ones eventually for my website.

The second part of my heading - life incomplete - is a call out to struggle or frustration that I am allowing to become a partner in my life right now. I will never complete my life which is a good thing, but I am just struggling with finding a way to keep producing my art and financially  stay above water. Which for me is an either or proposition in my head (I can't do both) and working again full time especially in a corporate environment is looking like it will impact my art and my time with my kids . So I am or have been swimming in those waters for a while and I would like to get out of that pool and jump in a pool that has more people, fun, enlightenment and success, so I put it out of my head and into language.