Friday, December 4, 2009

"woman and lovers and paintings - oh my!"

Ok, I do not know why the "Wizard of Oz" phrase, Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" came into my head when I was typing in the title, but it did!

Still have these paintings hanging around and I continue to work on them gradually. The attention to how I paint them has been more deliberate than any other painting I have worked on this year. I uploaded a couple photos here just to see the progression. I actually would like to photograph some future paintings a little more detailed just to see the changes in approach, subject content, design and execution. I surprise myself most of the time and it would be a good learning experience too.

The first piece, working title -woman, has been on the blog, but a little more work was been done recently. I know it is difficult to pull all the detail from the lower quality iPhone pics, but it is still pretty cool.

Next is "momentary lapse". It has been a while since I put a brush to this painting, even though it is on my mind quite a bit. Possibly a little bit too much of creative fear holding me back. Like I could actually ruin something I created in the first place. I need to remind myself it is still the adventure, not the final outcome, because my perspective will continue to change every day of my life.
I started this painting (72"x36") in acrylic and just recently, as intended, switched to oils. The colors are much more vibrant and fluid and the painting has started to produce the energy, light and depth I wish it to convey.
Long way to go, so we will see what happens.

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