Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back to progress

For me progress is not the goal of living, but it helps to have an intention as a compass or guiding star to aid in direction. Conditions and situations will change and challenges will be present and life will unfold with or without me.
These paintings I still have a general feel and direction or an expression that I desire to be conveyed. I also have not worked on these in a couple weeks so intention as well as inspiration gets a little fuzzy for me. The pictures also get a little fuzzy until I consciously connect with the source of creation and inspiration that originally opened the doors for me to sketch these designs on the canvas.
Anyway I am back at it painting these two so I thought I would post the pictures up - especially for you Dad since we just spoke on the phone about it. 
Right now they are acrylic under-paintings from a charcoal sketch on canvas (36 x 48 and 36 x 60). I will start building with oil though to their completion.
Take care and progress may not always look like a step forward - does it?.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Being open to joy.

I have a short amount of time and I wanted to get this post out there.
 Attached is a painting I just completed and I absolutely love the mood and grace of this picture.
 The painting which I am titling "silence" was a work in progress that had been sitting for quite a while and was probably to become destined for the "never to see" section of my studio. That was until my brother inquired about it and wanted to buy it. There was no way I was going to sell it because I just was not happy with the incompleteness or the direction and feel of the painting. Well I struggled with even picking it up again, every time I looked at it I was not inspired and I kept telling my self, "I have to get it done for him as  surprise him as  a Christmas gift." The emphasis must have always been on the words "have to" and not "gift", because I left it alone for a month.
What actually happened for me was one day I believe I let go of the "have to" and just allowed the painting to be worked on again. Different for me, but I actually started getting inspired about what was happening and allowed the joy of painting, of "being artist" to take over.
Anyway I ended up with a painting that for me is one of my personal favorites, very difficult to let go of, a lesson in allowing or accepting what is and creating action anyway.
Moral for me or re-confirmation is the joy in anything or just joy is always present, not created, we just have to get out of our heads for a few minutes.
Hope he does not actually see this post, but if you do, Merry Christmas.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Work in Progress and it Feels Good

Here is a current painting I am working on and I actually started from a very rough sketch when I got the idea/image in my head.  The actual painting has been fun and there is a energetic flow and vitality that keeps me in the moment while painting or viewing it.  It is large too which  also  increases the energy of the painting. It is on a 36 x 60 canvas.
I will update when it is complete or just add it to the gallery on my website.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back to the business of BEING

I can't believe I have allowed so much time to elapse since my last post. Lets be real, me allowing, had nothing to do with the passing of time because it will move at its own pace regardless.
Anyway, there has been activity, doing, work, shows and doubt - well you can't completely stop the voice that looks out for it's own best interest. 
I have updated the website and it is definitely worth a peek. I have included a section for original pieces that are more accessible financially and even cooler are the "new" note cards that are available for sale and are perfect for the holiday season.

I know at this time there are no subscribers to this blog, (probably since I have yet to promote it) but my hope is that a few of you (the hundreds that have been to my website) have stumbled across this blog and checked it out in its current stage of infancy.
To check my "hope" I am going to offer one of my paintings for free in the spirit of sharing, the holiday season and to keep things fun while promoting. If there is interest I may continue the practice as a monthly theme. That way I can create additional space for new work to show up in my studio and at the same time share artwork with people who are interested in my work.
Stay tuned this week and I will upload the painting being offered. I will request you email me @ with your name and in the subject field it should state December Artwork Offer. I will determine a method to keep the drawing random.

Finally, for this post I am exhibiting one of my recent pieces "Midwest Morning" (shown above).
I love the feeling and flow that came alive in this painting which I became even more present to when I stopped struggling - which happened partially through the piece.
I am going to keep the spirit of this painting alive and recreate the same theme and flow in larger formats in the near future.
There is a part of who I am in everything living and the energy and expanse of a landscape takes me home.

Until next time.