Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something Different

Here is a painting I finished this morning. Slight departure from my usual landscapes or figures (which I have not posted either).
It was actually fun to take a slightly more realistic approach to painting and still keep the passion and energy too.
As a kid I use to draw in detail and more along the side of realistic rendering - actually with ease and skill. Then along with my regular practice of art in general I only picked it up every so often. So this was fun to incorporate it again in a painting.
Sorry for the low quality - iPhone picture.

I have other paintings to not ready to photo that I am prepping for a show. So I hope to take pictures of them too.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Upcoming Schedule

September 25 - October 15th
Blue Heron Art Gallery - 129 West Main St. Milltown, Indiana
large solo exhibit with local artist support and works showing.
Reception is on September 25th 6 -9 pm

September 18th - December 31st
Water Street Studios "Grand opening"
Multi-artist show
160 S. Water Street, Batavia, IL
Reception is September 18th

September 21 - February 2010
Aurora City Hall Exhibit for the Yellow House Artists
44 East Downers Place, Aurora. IL

Post card for a new gallery opening and show coming this September.
On September 25th I will have approximately 30 pieces exhibited in the Blue Heron Gallery, Milltown IN.

This marks an exciting new event for me not only by having the ability to show the number of pieces, but more importantly to kick off a new gallery in a small town filled with creative and welcoming people. My hope is this event among many others they have planned will spark an interest in the art community not only in the surrounding area, but reach out to collectors and galleries in Louisville to support this new gallery. If nothing else lets have fun, get to know each other have a few drinks and dive into the art which is my passion.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Do not forget to get a reservation at the Blue River Cafe for dinner. The food is incredible and so beyond what I ever anticipated!!!